Head Software Services

If your application or web site is simple, and you understand how things are done, outsource it.

But if one or more of these is you:

  • Don't know where to start
  • Don't know how to really tell if a developer can do what you need him to
  • Have a more complex problem to solve
  • Need consistently reliable and professional service

Then you can hire me

You will get quality results from someone who has a grasp of the intersection of people, solutions, business, and technology

Not unaffordable, but more targeted, efficient use of money overall

For larger projects what could make sense is to hire me to manage a project, put together a lower cost development team, do quality control, and ensure good results

In the end it this may mean designing, coding, and/or managing

If you have an application or website to build; get in touch, and let's talk about your project

  • Web Applications
  • Project Management
  • Data Processing
  • Charts
  • Analytics

  • Consistant and Reliable Communication
  • 10+ Years Computer Technolgy Experience
  • College Educated Native English Speaker